Honey Smith Walls

21st Century Cannabis Shaman

Confusing information can be so frustrating!

But you understand how to discern facts from fiction... right?

Scientists do tests and prove a point and publish their

data and findings.

I can show you what the scientists are saying about this live plant therapy and help you understand how the plant works. This can lead you to the right cannabis options... lifting your quality of life.

Cannabis is not dangerous…

but what’s in it can have adverse effects.

Understanding some basic cannabis knowledge gives you the power to control the cannabinoids you'll be using.

If you want to try it but you’re worried about the truth and shy about asking your doctor, then…

Click on the button below for a FREE Download

of the “Dear Doctor” letter. This will open

the cannabis conversation with

your family physician and lead to

more information in familiar medical journals.

You can learn more about using this live

plant therapy by tuning into the

Cannaba Verum Podcast,
hosted by Honey Smith Walls,

wherever you listen.

Let my gift of the "Dear Doctor Letter"

open your cannabis conversation.

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